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Wanna help us out at King’s College Mission Discovery?

There are so many exciting things happening with ISSET these days and while the King’s College Mission Discovery is not the next exciting thing in line I wanted to post how you can help us with this event if you have any interest in doing so!

The King’s College Mission Discovery is going to be absolutely amazing!  This Mission Discovery will have a Biomedical Focus and we will have world acclaimed speakers about space and biomedical for our attendees to learn from (including an astronaut!) 

So how can you help? So glad you asked! Here’s a list of ideas for you to consider…

  • Help us spread the word! Post the link to your pages. Email it to your friends and colleagues.
  • Sponsor a student to attend
  • Do you think you have something to offer in presentation at the camp? Let us know! We love to have as many people as are willing and appropriate to present to give the attendees as much info as possible!
  • Do you have a business? Or maybe even you as an individual just want to do this – Help us out by sponsoring some “items” for the camp. Here are some more ideas for that…
  1. Various items to use as prizes. We have daily awards and a big overall award for the week so we need items of all varieties and values. (We especially like space items – mission patches, posters etc. but honestly we are open to all ideas!)
  2. Snacks and drinks for the week for the students
  3. Dinners for the week at restaurants for the Mission Discovery Team
  4. School supplies – we need markers, colored pencils, tape, pens, paper, sticky tack, scissors
  5. Airfare – to fly the Mission Discovery Team in
  6. Hotel nights – the Mission Discovery Team needs a place to sleep at night!
  7. T-Shirts – ideally we’d like to have a t-shirt for every attendee with the various sponsors on the back of the shirt

Obviously the idea of Mission Discovery is to spread the good word about STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) subjects to students – the more items we have sponsored the more money we have to spend on the students and also the more students we can  allow to attend without any fees. If you are in the UK, ISSET is a registered non-profit so you get the bonus of a tax benefit for any donation. We are working to get a US version of an ISSET non-profit set-up so we can offer that same benefit to US donors. Of course we want to spread the good word about your donation (because we would be so appreciative!) so there would be some extra benefits for you based on the value of your donation. If you are interested in knowing more please email me at and I can send you more details!

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Sorry I’ve been scarce!

Hi everyone!

I am really sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile I was just so busy with the 2 student groups here in Houston that it took me more than a week to almost get caught up with everything I’d had to put on the back burner. (I say almost because I am still working to catch up and to get ready to embark on more amazing ISSET adventures this summer!)

The second week of students in Houston was amazing as well! We had lots of great outings and they got to talk with a wide variety of NASA engineers, instructors, scientists and astronauts. The presentation from astronaut TJ Creamer was honestly perhaps the best I’ve ever seen and was such a treat for the students to get to see that! I’m so excited to have meet so many amazing people from the various schools. (And its as great to see the teachers who I had known from before too!)

Up next on my horizon? Transit of Venus in the Gobi Desert and Mission Discovery in July! More about all that and my Message to the Moon in the near future I promise!!

Join us on one of our adventures – I can pretty much guarantee you won’t regret it!!