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3 Years Ago…

Three years ago today was the launch of STS-132… in some ways it seems so long ago and yet in others it seems like it was just yesterday!

STS-132 was supposed to be the final flight of Atlantis but the crew all had high hopes that she would fly again so they kept referring to it as “The first last flight” of Atlantis. All of us in attendance were lucky because the flight launched on time just like Ken’s first flight. (I guess that’s what happens when you put 2 Navy guys in the front seats!)

The weeks ahead of the mission would bring lots of smiles and laughs but most importantly some hard work… all of which would lead to an extremely successful mission.


Touring the launch pad the day before launch

DSC_0096Watching Launch from the top of the Launch Control Center. (They only let immediate family up there to do so.)



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Happy BIrthday Purdue!

Happy BIrthday Purdue!

Yes of course I have an affinity for Purdue University (Located in West Lafayette, IN) because I am a Boilermaker! (I attended Purdue University before finishing up my undergrad at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and I will always consider myself a Boilermaker!) So it should come as no surprise that I want to wish Purdue University a Happy Anniversary! Purdue was founded 144 years ago today. Why is this notable to all of you space enthusiasts? Purdue is in the top handful of schools as far as number of astronauts who have attended there. There are many notable astronauts but perhaps the most notable fact is that the first and the last men to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan, are both graduates of Purdue. (Click the link that says Happy BIrthday Purdue to get a list of astronauts who have attended Purdue.)


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