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What do YOU want to see?

So as I am working on new program ideas all over the world I realized that I am certainly falling down on the job if I don’t ask all of YOU what it is that YOU would be interested in seeing 🙂

Specifically for this I am working on various ALE (Astronaut Leadership Experiences) – Astronomy Meets Adventure Programs.Recently we’ve gone to the Gobi Desert to see the Transit of Venus. Coming up in November we head to Australia!

December information is still getting solidified for another program but if we pull that one together it will be in the Caribbean area…. So where do YOU want to go? What astronomical event do YOU want to see? Tell us! You never know we may add it to our list of trip options 🙂

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The Olympics!

Hi everyone! I know I have been very scarce since KIng’s College Mission Discovery. For that I apologize but we’ve been busy moving into our new home (which I may have mentioned is literally halfway across the US from where we were living) and now I am completely immersed in the Olympics… but more on that in a moment.

There are so many exciting things shaping up with ISSET that we will be rolling out very soon! So stay tuned for more news about various programs (both Mission Discovery & ALE)  that are going to be announced within the next month or so! I am so incredibly excited about all of them!

As I sit here watching the Olympics (as I seem to do for part of the day every day lately! (And when I’ve been unpacking and setting up the house they are always on in the background) I can’t help but also notice how many advances have been made in the sports and venues because of science. It’s very different in many ways (and much more advanced!) than the Olympics I remember watching as a little girl. I loved it then and I love it now! But what I realize now is that the Olympics aren’t just about athletes they also bring out the best and the brightest of engineers and scientists too! Pretty amazing! 

I was fortunate enough (because my Mom is amazing!) to get to go to Atlanta for the Olympics in 1996. I also feel fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to see the Olympic Park in Beijing recently (photo below) and sort of see London’s Olympic Park – albeit it from the window of the store across from the Park area because they wouldn’t let anyone in (photo also below – it was a rainy day!) Sorry I can’t find a photo from Atlanta… I know it’s around somewhere just can’t find it in the moving mess 🙂