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First Mission Discovery Experiments to Launch to Space!!!

How many high school students (ages 14-18) do you know that have had an experiment flown and carried out in space? Not many, if any, I bet! Can you imagine how exciting that would be? I know I certainly would have loved to have been able to say my experiment and flown into space when I was that age!

Well that is exactly what some students from King’s College Mission Discovery 2012 are going to be able to say. The 2 winning team’s experiments from the 2012 King’s College Mission Discovery are manifested to launch via Orbital’s Orb-1 Mission on Thursday bound for the International Space Station! WOW!

General Use Mission Patch

One of the experiments will test the effectiveness of antibiotics on E. Coli in space, something that has never been examined in depth before. The findings could have significant implications for the health of astronauts in space and the development of antibiotics here on earth.

The second experiment will examine whether slime mold grows three-dimensionally in space due to the lack of gravity. We know that here on earth slime mold has spatial memory, and can even solve mazes by avoiding its own trails.

See photos here on ISSET’s Facebook page of the students building their experiments.


Launch is currently scheduled for Thursday at 9:19pm (Eastern Time) out of Wallop’s Launch Facility. As anyone associated with any sort of spaceflight knows this can of course change so be sure to check for status at the Orbital Page for updates


I am excited to say that I will be there to view the launch and many of the surrounding activities so I promise photos and updates as often as I can! Follow along (if you’re not already) on Twitter as well – my handle is @spacechelle.

And if you’re interested in the opportunity to compete to have your experiment flown into space – check out the various ISSET Mission Discovery Events that are being offered all over the world in 2014! http://isset.org/mission_discovery/  Worth noting – most Mission Discovery events are open to High School AND University students. Are you a University that would be interested in hosting a Mission Discovery? Let me know! I would love to talk to you about it!

Space Inspires! I feel so incredibly fortunate to be part of this!

Stay tuned!

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Astronauts and Teamwork and Biomed… Oh My!

Don’t ask why but yet again I end up with the “Wizard of Oz” sayings (of sort in my head)… (If you’re not getting what I mean think “Lions and Tigers and Bears.. Oh my!”)

I was so busy during the King’s College Mission Discovery that I didn’t have time to blog at all! Sorry about that.

Once again we had an absolutely amazing event at King’s College that included astronaut Ken Ham (live and in person!), NASA Space Scientist Dr. Liz Warren via Skype, King’s College Professors & lecturers on a variety of topics about Biomed & Space, Chris Barber the DIrector of ISSET and myself. Needless to say it was a very full week of sooooooo much information and inspiration!

Everyone at King’s had an amazing time and we were delighted to meet so many bright minds! In fact the Mission Discovery this year went so well at King’s that they have reserved dates for a 2014 King’s Mission Discovery already!!!


IMG_1328 IMG_1333 IMG_1382 IMG_1568

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July 2014!

The title of this blog may be incredibly simple but I thought it says it all (for me at least)… I am excited to announce that as of now July of 2014 is going to be the biggest month (at least so far) for Mission Discovery EVER!


I am very excited to announce that the month of July 2014 is completely full of scheduled Mission Discovery events!!! WOW!

Officially scheduled so far are the following Mission Discovery Events:

  • Kings College Mission Discovery (London, England) 7-11 July 2014
  • Mission Discovery Renfrewshire (Scotland)  14-18 July 2014
  • Mission Discovery Valparaiso University (in Indiana an hour from Chicago)  21-25 July 2014
  • Mission Discovery St John’s College (Annapolis, Maryland) 28 July – 1 August 2014

Additionally we are working on a few others but as you can see dates are filling up fast on our schedule!

I know the information for these events is not out at  http://isset.org/mission_discovery/  yet but I can promise you it’s coming so keep checking back!

And don’t worry – if your area is interested in hosting a Mission Discovery we can still work with you to find a date that it will fit in.

More details via the website, this blog and social media regarding specifics of the camps (as we have the materials to promote them finished) as well a

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Another ISSET Adventure Begins for chelle & Ken

Wow I feel like we just got back from the Gobi ISSET Adventure… oh wait we did! 🙂 It’s been a crazy few weeks with moving to Annapolis (and living out of suitcases – sort of – in a hotel) and getting ready for the next adventure but I think we are good to go! Today we head to London for Kings College Mission Discovery. But first up a stop off in Kent so we can excite some of the young folks there about science! We will be speaking at a school during the day and then having a lovely dinner that evening. Then it’s back to London to prep for our Mission Discovery. We are always excited about all of the Mission Discovery (MD) camps that we get to do but we are especially excited about this one because it’s official – the winning project from the week WILL get to fly into space!!! The Kings MD has a biomedical focus and we have some absolutely amazing presenters from NASA, Kings and various other parts of the world including a Nobel Prize Winner! Wow! What a line-up! I am pretty sure there’s still room for some non-residential students so check out the ISSET website (www.isset.org) for more information and to sign up!

Does this all sound incredibly cool but you can’t make it to Kings? Well let us know if your area is interested in hosting a Mission Discovery and we will do our best to make it so!!!

I’ll try and keep you posted on how our week is going! Stay tuned….

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Wanna help us out at King’s College Mission Discovery?

There are so many exciting things happening with ISSET these days and while the King’s College Mission Discovery is not the next exciting thing in line I wanted to post how you can help us with this event if you have any interest in doing so!

The King’s College Mission Discovery is going to be absolutely amazing!  This Mission Discovery will have a Biomedical Focus and we will have world acclaimed speakers about space and biomedical for our attendees to learn from (including an astronaut!)

So how can you help? So glad you asked! Here’s a list of ideas for you to consider…

  • Help us spread the word! Post the link to your pages. Email it to your friends and colleagues.
  • Sponsor a student to attend
  • Do you think you have something to offer in presentation at the camp? Let us know! We love to have as many people as are willing and appropriate to present to give the attendees as much info as possible!
  • Do you have a business? Or maybe even you as an individual just want to do this – Help us out by sponsoring some “items” for the camp. Here are some more ideas for that…
  1. Various items to use as prizes. We have daily awards and a big overall award for the week so we need items of all varieties and values. (We especially like space items – mission patches, posters etc. but honestly we are open to all ideas!)
  2. Snacks and drinks for the week for the students
  3. Dinners for the week at restaurants for the Mission Discovery Team
  4. School supplies – we need markers, colored pencils, tape, pens, paper, sticky tack, scissors
  5. Airfare – to fly the Mission Discovery Team in
  6. Hotel nights – the Mission Discovery Team needs a place to sleep at night!
  7. T-Shirts – ideally we’d like to have a t-shirt for every attendee with the various sponsors on the back of the shirt

Obviously the idea of Mission Discovery is to spread the good word about STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) subjects to students – the more items we have sponsored the more money we have to spend on the students and also the more students we can  allow to attend without any fees. If you are in the UK, ISSET is a registered non-profit so you get the bonus of a tax benefit for any donation. We are working to get a US version of an ISSET non-profit set-up so we can offer that same benefit to US donors. Of course we want to spread the good word about your donation (because we would be so appreciative!) so there would be some extra benefits for you based on the value of your donation. If you are interested in knowing more please email me at mham@isset.org and I can send you more details!

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