Astronomy Meets Adventure in Kenya – We need your help!

We choose to boldly go to explore – okay it’s not into space (though I’d certainly be happy to go there too!) but it is for an incredible Astronomical Event. We are headed to Kenya, a remote place (hey space is definitely remote too so they have that in common!) that should be amazing to explore for our next Astronaut Leadership Experience. We’d like to be able to broadcast the amazing solar eclipse from there with running commentary from experts to the world to excite more people about Science, Technology, Engineering & Math…. but we need your help!! Check out the link to see how you can help make this happen!!

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Happy BIrthday Purdue!

Happy BIrthday Purdue!

Yes of course I have an affinity for Purdue University (Located in West Lafayette, IN) because I am a Boilermaker! (I attended Purdue University before finishing up my undergrad at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and I will always consider myself a Boilermaker!) So it should come as no surprise that I want to wish Purdue University a Happy Anniversary! Purdue was founded 144 years ago today. Why is this notable to all of you space enthusiasts? Purdue is in the top handful of schools as far as number of astronauts who have attended there. There are many notable astronauts but perhaps the most notable fact is that the first and the last men to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan, are both graduates of Purdue. (Click the link that says Happy BIrthday Purdue to get a list of astronauts who have attended Purdue.)


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Mission Discovery Embry Riddle

Mission Discovery Embry Riddle

Ever wanted to spend a week working with an astronaut? Have an opportunity to compete to have an experiment of YOURS sent into space? Interested in a visit to Florida? Well I have just the thing for you then… Mission Discovery at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach Florida in late July 2013.

Come participate in an incredibly unique week long experience and see a fantastic Aerospace University with 2 “spacey” grads – astronaut Nicole Stott and myself!

Register today (April 10th) and get a $50 discount! Spread the word to as many people as you can! Let’s make the first Mission Discovery in the US… dare I say it…. OUT OF THIS WORLD!!


Embry Riddle Patch

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Join Us to See the Space Centers in Houston &/Or Florida

Join Us to See the Space Centers in Houston &/Or Florida

Ever want to check out Johnson Space Center in Houston and/or Kennedy Space Center in Florida? Here’s your chance to do so with other space enthusiasts and me! I have been fortunate enough to lead several of these trips for various groups of folks and we have some additional trips coming up… There are still spaces available for Houston & Florida in June if you want to join us! I can promise you lots of great space stuff, good food, great sightseeing and the chance to meet amazing people from NASA (including some astronauts!)

Don’t delay though… You certainly don’t want to miss out on this! Check out the link for full details!

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Astronauts Return to USNA

Astronauts Return to USNA

Wonder what some astronauts do after they aren’t flying in space anymore? Check out this article originally from the Baltimore Sun (also ran in the Houston Chronicle a week later) about a few Navy guys….

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ISSET Student Trips Get Ready to Travel to DC area!

I had such a wonderful time touring about the students groups from the UK who traveled to Houston in the Spring to learn more about space and STEM in general. It was such a joy to get to really interact with and get to know so many great kids who have such interest in not just space but in learning in general.

If you’ve been keeping up with my crazy life I have moved out of Houston to the East Coast so I wasn’t sure if I would get the opportunity to work with ISSET on these student trips anymore which was a very sad thought for me to have! Turns out we came up with an even more exciting solution…. Student trips to Washington DC!!!! We always strive to bring the very best space related and STEM experiences to all involved and we realized that there is so much that DC has to offer so we designed a whole trip about it!!!

I am excited to get to bring the students to the Air & Space Museum and the Udvar Hazy (the huge hangar that is an extended portion of the Air & Space Museum but it is located out at Dulles Airport). It will be especially exciting for me to go to the Udvar Hazy because it will be the first time that I will get to see Discovery in her new home. (Some of you may have seen my personal blog – An Homage to  Endeavour) Given that Discovery carried Ken into space on his first flight I also have some amazing memories of her so I can’t wait to see her again up close and person. (Who knows maybe I’ll be writing another homage after that too!) We will also be touring many of the iconic sites of Washington DC such as Arlington, the various monuments and The Capitol. In keeping with our space theme there will also be a visit to Goddard Space Center a well as the US Naval Academy which has a rich tradition of graduating astronauts. Along the way there will be lots of information & excitement shared, people inspired and even a few astronauts met!

Sound interesting to you? Make sure to keep checking the ISSET page to find out about future events you can be part of!!

And check out the specifics about the October Trip as well!

Below are a few photos from the Spring Trips to Houston

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