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Day 3 Morning – Apseiling (Or Rappelling as we call it in the US)

Hiking on Day 2 had lots of team work challenges and it gave everyone a chance to get to know each other better. The evening of Day 2 everyone was treated to the super awesome space video of Ken’s from STS-132. Gotta love space pictures set to Muse music!

Day 3 was where we would really step outside of peoples’ comfort zones which is entirely the idea. By figuring out how you react in stressful situations you learn a lot about yourself which is key in knowing how you act within a team and as a leader.

First thing in the morning we got a briefing from our Mountain Guides about the day’s events. I have to say that our Mountaineers Chris & Steve were absolutely fantastic! If you are ever in the Lake District and need a guide let me know I will certainly put you in touch with them and you will not be disappointed! We (ISSET/Chris B, Ken the guides & myself) made it very clear that while we want people to challenge themselves but we never want them to go beyond what they feel they can handle. I know some people were concerned about doing things extremely out of their comfort zone but we never pushed anyone to do more than they could handle and never will.

There was a bit of apprehension from some of the folks as we headed out to partake in the apseiling but we always knew we were in great hands with our Mountaineer Guides. While we waited for them to set-up the lines we all got situated in our harnesses which we had become familiar with on the first day while ziplining. We had some eager folks who were happy to go first and some folks who were happier to wait a bit. No matter which end of this spectrum individuals fell on we had some amazing Teamwork with everyone being incredibly helpful to one another in so many ways. There was help with adjusting harnesses, helping our guides with the lines, helping people clip-in as they got to the ridge portion of the face on the way up, helping people clip out when they got to the bottom from apseiling,helping make sure that everyone had all their required pieces and parts and most importantly making sure that everyone who needed some additional moral support had it.

DSCF4433 DSCF4440 DSCF4446

Everyone did impressive work and absolutely everyone in the group apseiled successfully! Some loved it so much they wanted to do it again (unfortunately we didn’t have quite enough time) and some just loved that they did it and it was done but everyone was happy to have pushed themselves.

DSCF4464 DSCF4509 DSCF4521

We got some amazing pictures with Chris’s camera too but I don’t have those yet… when I get those I certainly will share!

Oh and we spotted some wildlife while we were out here…



We had an incredibly afternoon as well but I think that is worthy of it’s own blog post so I think I’ll end this here and I promise to get to work on the next post as soon as I can!

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