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Glasgow was Out of This World!

I just returned to my home in the US from an incredible trip to Glasgow. Why Glasgow you might ask? Well that’s a great question and I am glad you did ask 🙂  While on the Astronaut Leadership Experience in the Gobi Desert recently I was lucky enough to become friends with 2 gals on the trip from Glasgow. I won’t go into the lengthy details but the bottom line is we got along famously and as a result while I was “over the pond” I swung through Glasgow for an amazing evening talking about space and how Glasgow can get involved in Mission Discovery, Astronaut Leadership Experiences & Message to the Moon!

29 Studios put on an amazing event where I was fortunate enough to meet many wonderful people who I suspect are going to help me make this happen in Glasgow! Don’t you want to be part of it too?!?!?!?
Check out the 29 Studios page about the event

http://www.29studios.com/?page_id=1199  (Sorry for some reason Word Press is giving me issues with actually linking this. Grrrrr!!)

The event at 29 Studios picked up so much attention I was asked to be on Scotland Tonight which was live and thus a little nerve wracking but it went well I think!

If you would like to see the video from that check out this link to my personal blog (sorry I can’t upload video here without paying an upgrade fee.)


Grrrrrrr – once again why won’t Word Press work like it’s supposed to? The link button in the editing/writing phase isn’t working. Sorry I guess you will have to copy and paste in the link to your browser.

I am so thankful to 29 Studios (all of whom I now consider dear friends) and my dear dear friends Gillian & Michelle for making it such an awesome trip. I can’t wait to go back to Glasgow!


Kev & Gillian


Michelle & chelle


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Working with some Amazing Folks in Georgia

I am super tired but I just got back from an absolutely fantastic business trip. I met Chris in Atlanta and we went to Columbus, Georgia (where Fort Benning is for those of you who are familiar with that Army Base) to meet with some folks from the Coca Cola Science Center at Columbus State University.


This place is a great learning center -they’ve got a Challenger Center, an observatory and a fantastic domed theater. But what makes this place truly amazing is the people there. When you meet them there is no mistaking their commitment and excitement about getting kids excited about STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). There is an absolute exuberance of ideas and I just know they are going to do so many amazing things with folks!!

There are a variety of programs we are hoping to work with them on including Message to the Moon, Transit of Venus, Mission Discovery and more! I think they will become a leader in STEM education using space studies to excite young kids!

Also stay tuned… I’ve told you more about Mission Discovery – next up I will tell you more about our Leadership Adventure programs!

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