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Astronauts Return to USNA

Astronauts Return to USNA

Wonder what some astronauts do after they aren’t flying in space anymore? Check out this article originally from the Baltimore Sun (also ran in the Houston Chronicle a week later) about a few Navy guys….

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We Had a Great Week in the UK

Well this blog is a little late but it’s been hectic since we got back (as I may have mentioned in my previous blogs!)

We had a wonderful week in the UK with ISSET. The Astronaut Leadership Experience was absolutely fantastic and then we headed off to various parts of England to speak to different student groups. We spoke to many students at various schools including Kings LEadership Academy in Watford (with students from another school joining in) and Aylward Academy in Warrington (with special guests from other schools there as well). We met so many amazing bright young minds and enjoyed speaking with every one of them. We could have literally spent days at just these 2 schools answering questions! We also got the great pleasure to meet some amazing Educator Ambassadors through Toshiba. It was an honor to speak with these individuals who are on the front lines of education. 

We always enjoy getting to spend time with Chris (ISSET DIrector) who has become a dear friend to us over the years. This trip we got the great treat of making a new lifelong friend out of someone who spent the week with us… Guy Bates from XMA who was responsible for much of the week. Guy you rock! We look forward to working with you more in the future!

Are you interested in us coming to your school? We always love to meet and inspire new people! Contact Chris at ISSET http://www.isset.org to find out how to make that happen! 

We are already looking forward to our next UK trip… til then stay tuned on all the fun stuff ISSET has going on all over the world!


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