Trip to Mars…. Part 2

So in my previous post I posted about a company who is offering a one-way trip to Mars for a reality show… The “opportunity” in the following article is a little different.

Dennis Tito was the first private space tourist. He paid a VERY hefty sum of money to the Russians to take a trip with them on the Soyuz to ISS.  He now wants to send a man and a woman (potentially a married couple) on a roundtrip around Mars in 2018. (Note this vehicle will not land.) Given the ideal line-up of the planets at this time the trip will be a “mere” 501 days and the whole trip will happen regardless of what happens to the inhabitants of the capsule.

Obviously this is very ambitious and will be quite expensive but I love that Tito’s thought on this is ” …I will come out a lot poorer as a result of this mission but my grandchildren will come out a lot richer for the inspiration it will give them.” So much truth in that statement….

Here’s a humorous blog of one man’s thoughts on if it was him and his wife on the Mars journey. (Caution – there is a little but of rough language in here.) I just had to share this one because I literally laughed out loud at it!

Are you wondering what my thoughts are on all of these ideas of going to Mars? Well for right now I want you to come up with your own ideas (I don’t want to taint them!) and then I will give you my thoughts eventually I promise 🙂

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