Last Day of Lake District Astronaut Leadership Experience

It was sad to see the long weekend draw to a close because we so enjoyed all the individuals that decided to come participate on the ALE course but alas all good things must come to an end.

The last day we had planned to go ghyll scrambling (bouldering through a water area) which would have caused us to get fairly wet if we did it “all the way” as planned. However, we woke up to snow that morning and it was pretty darn cold! We all braced for what we thought would be a cold experience but then our guides showed up and said they checked air and water temperatures and that there was no way that we belonged out in the water. I don’t think any of us complained about this assessment. So instead went did a less wet version of ghyll scrambling which was still a whole lot of fun!


After our scramble we had a bite of lunch, some debriefs and then it was time to part ways with promises to keep in touch and hope that perhaps our paths would cross again.

Want to join us on an Astronaut Leadership Experience? We currently have a Kenya trip lined up for the fall and there are several more in work that are going to be exciting as well! Keep checking for more details!

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