Day 2 UK Lake District – Hiking Hiking Hiking :)

Day 1 was great but we knew Day 2 was going to be even better because it was a proper full day and we were right – it was fantastic! We started the morning with the exercise of planning out a route up and down the mountains here by teams. The 2 teams took different approached and since we have 2 mountaineering guides we went 2 separate ways. We pushed out and the weather, while not great was decent. The first part of the journey on the waypoints the team I was with had chosen was a strenuous and uphill climb but we were well rewarded with a beautiful view from the top and then it started to snow! Some people might think that’s not so good but to me it was incredibly beautiful and peaceful and it made the experience just perfect. But the journey was not over. We had several more hours of hiking left and many more places to adventure. Along with us on our adventure was a special guest named Oscar – our mountaineer’s English Spaniel who had enough energy to pull all 10 of us humans up the mountain if we’d had a sled to harness him too! He gave us some great entertainment and a bit of encouragement along the way with his barks that sometimes sounded like he was saying “Come on people let’s get moving! Places to go things to see!”




Great teamwork and great challenges to each person today physically or leadership style wise made it all one could have hoped for in a Adventure & Leadership Event.



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