Arrival in the UK Lake District – The Adventure Begins!

The day delay was not ideal but not to worry – I’ve arrived in the UK Lake DIstrict for our latest ISSET Astronaut Leadership Experience. It was an uneventful flight to Manchester and then about a 2.5 hour ride but then I was smack dab in the middle of the Lake District and I am surrounded by great people who are ready for a fantastic adventure! 

No rest for the weary 🙂 we dove right into an afternoon that included zip lining and bouldering across some water. It was fantastic fun! Even the people who weren’t sure about the idea of zip lining did it and enjoyed it. One of the things we always want to do on this experience is stretch people’s comfort zone – not beyond what they can become comfortable with but it’s the proverbial getting outside of your usual box idea. I was so proud as many people did have to stretch beyond their comfort zone today and they did it with a smile on their face.

I promise pictures soon as well. I’m sorry I am just so tired (in fact the presentation I had to give tonight was not up to the par I’d like because lack of sleep has made it very difficult to concentrate and keep up a steady thought) and I am going to finish up this evening session (which luckily is just in a classroom and thus I am not in any danger – always have to be cautious of this) and then get some sleep.

Pictures soon! And my apologies if this blog isn’t coherent or if it’s wandering too much… blame the fatigue 🙂 

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