I’m Almost on My Way!!

Well as I type this I am at the airport in Baltimore waiting on my first flight of 2. I have to fly from Baltimore to Newark airport and then catch a flight from there to Manchester. Unfortunately there are only a few non-stop flights from the DC area (where I live) to Manchester (where I am headed to then drive the rest of the way to the UK Lake District) and today is not one of the days that those are available so a stop along the way is necessary. No worries though – there is 1 super great thing about the Newark Airport…. They have a Crumbs Cupcake shop! I LOVE cupcakes and personally I think that Crumbs has the absolute best cupcakes in the world! http://crumbs.com If you are ever in the US I highly recommend giving them a try – you won’t be disappointed… But I digressed from my original topic…

I’m on my way! I am very excited to be headed “over the big pond” for this incredible Astronaut Leadership Experience in the Lake District. I think I’ve packed appropriately for the weather (I guess only time will tell) and I am excited to meet some great folks on this adventure! Be sure and follow along on twitter (my handle is @spacechelle) or on the ISSET Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Int.SpaceSchool or here on my blog! I do have to admit that it will likely be so busy that the most updates will probably happen on Twitter since it’s so quick and easy!

UK here I come!


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