Who are your heros?

In life we go through many phases and along the way we have heros who we aspire to be like, who shape our goals and in the end help us to become the people we become. So who are your heros? 

I must admit I have many heros from a wide variety of walks of life. Some of them are personal life heros, some are charitable heros, some of the are overall business heros and of course some of them are space and explorer heros. 

While I was in Los Angeles last week I was very excited to get to see the Apollo Command Module from Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. Deke Slayton has always been one of my absolute heroes for many reasons including his “I won’t give up” attitude at getting assigned to a spaceflight. He was an amazing man and I just wish I’d gotten to meet him!



Imagen, APImage

So who are your heros and why? Think about it a little bit – it will tell you a lot about yourself!

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One thought on “Who are your heros?

  1. Virginia says:

    Yikes! I think so. I have many heros who span the horizon. So different. The only “binding” factor is they have status, and have accomplished in their field which gained my esteem. The assortment may be why I haven’t got off the ground! [Humor injected!]
    What gets me is when I see how long many lived and that I could have met them and didn’t make the effort. Since I read about them in a history book, I for a long time deduced all those folks were long gone! Of course some with whom we shared the same timeframe were not accessible either due to my age prior to their death [no one would have been available to criss-cross the country with me just to meet these people] or now are so secluded from public contact (thanks to our times, shame).
    Just think, Michelle, you, I think, are a hero to many of these young people you encounter. That is exciting in itself.

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