Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!

I am so sorry I have been silent for so long! What can I say it’s been an incredibly busy several months full of work, friends, family & fun! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season as well! 

I just have to share this because it was so incredibly cool to me…

While Ken and I were on vacation in Antigua one evening we were sitting in the hot tub with some new friends we’ve made. It was about 40 minutes after sunset so we were looking up at the beautiful sky and all of a sudden guess what we saw?!?! The International Space Station!!! What a treat upon a treat! Of course me being a dork I’m waving and yelling “Hi” to the crew on board. It was so great for us to get to see that there in the middle of paradise but also to share it with our new friends who we think have a new appreciation for space!

We hadn’t looked to see if we’d been able to see ISS from where we were so it was an extra surprise. You don’t have to wait to be suprised though – check out http://spotthestation.nasa.gov/ to find out when ISS will fly over where you are!

Here’s to 2013 and many special moments that include space and everything else!

Obviously the picture below has nothing to do with space but it’s of Ken and myself in Antigua enjoying life! Our vacation left us incredibly refreshed and ready to get back to work at exciting people about STEM!


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5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Virginia says:

    Fab U!!!!

  2. Tanyawol says:

    Hi Michelle,

    We have been getting regular emails for the Spot the Station sightings. I have managed to go out twice now and what I believe I am seeing looks like a star extremely high and it moves in a line. Am I seeing the right thing? We had the boys out last night in Adelaide and could see the same thing in between the cloud clusters.

    I think we are now going to invest in a telescope, we just need to work out what would be the best to purchase, we have three boys (the curly haired boys from Adelaide if you remember them from 2 years ago) so have to decide do we buy a really great telescope or three not so great ones. I am thinking one each would be great for the boys, as they are so interested in space and becoming astronauts one day.

    Any recommendations?

    Enjoy your current travels.


    • michelleham says:

      Tanya – I am so incredibly sorry that this comment got buried and I didn’t see it til now. My sincere apologies!!

      Sounds like you are seeing the space station! Fantastic! It is such a cool thing (in my opinion at least) to be able to see something that is orbiting overhead with people on it! Something that is one of the great achievements of humanity.

      I wish I could be of help in regards to a telescope recommendation but unfortunately I have very little knowledge of telescopes… My sincere apologies about that.

      Keep star gazing!

      • Tanyawol says:

        Now it is my turn to apologize. I only just saw this reply. Life is so busy so do not feel bad for replying so late.

        We all do this sometimes.

        Thank you for your response, I love seeing the space station and so do the boys. An interesting thing happened the other day where a local radio station here in Adelaide was talking about how a young boy wrote a letter to NASA and they were so impressed that someone wrote back to this young boy.

        What I thought was amazing is that it was being spoken about on Adelaide radio like NASA and Astronauts are not accessible. I think I will share your blog with them I think they will be incredible amazed by reading your posts.

        Thank you again


      • michelleham says:

        Thank you for such kind words Tanya. I feel lucky that I am in a position to give inspiration to even just 1 person…
        I do hope to make it back to Adelaide one day!

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