Mission Discovery Kings – AMAZING!

Oh what a week it was! I really had hoped to blog throughout the week about all the events of the week but sadly that just didn’t work out time wise for me! Since I’ve discovered I’m not terribly good at recreating vividly after the fact I figure I’ll just give some highlights if that’s okay.

To start with the Kings facilities were a great fit for Mission Discovery. We had a lecture hall where everyone could be seated for the large lectures and some of the team tasks. We had well over 200 students for this Mission Discovery which had a Biomedical theme because it was in conjunction with Center of Human & Aerospace Physiology (CHAPS) at Kings. All of our students were aged 13-18 for this program.

But let’s face it – it’s not the facilities that make a program amazing…. it’s the people and boy did we have some really great ones! We had over half a dozen professors from Kings join us for mentoring as well as daily presentations about physiology in space. Additionally we were fortunate enough to have video or audio conferences from the US from one of the NASA Flight Surgeons, a NASA physiologist, an engineer for the payload company which the experiment with launch with and none other than Jay Honeycutt the former KSC Center Director. Every time you turned around there was someone amazing with something poignant to say. Of course we can’t forget about Ken as our astronaut for the week and perhaps myself and Chris (Director of ISSET) had a word of wisdom or 2 to throw in there! And the people up on the stage weren’t the only amazing folks we had – we had a group (the whole group in fact!) of students who were incredibly engaged, inquisitive and excited. They asked questions that were so insightful and thought provoking.

Through the week students worked on smaller team tasks for team building experience as well as some prizes but the big task of the week was obviously for the team to design an experiment that could fly into space. All of the teams definitely rose to the occasion and we heard some absolutely fantastic ideas. To be honest it was an unenviable job to be a judge because there were so many great ideas it was hard to pick just one. But alas we had to….. the winning team’s experiment about antibiotics will fly in space!

Stay tuned to our page to follow along with the progress of their experiment and to find out where the next Mission Discovery will be. We have several in work!!!


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