Ken and chelle arrive in England!

We arrived on Thursday and Chris was kind enough to pick us up at the airport. Everywhere we go we try and see a local site for some culture and history. We headed to Kent (where we had events on Friday) and decided to check out Leeds Castle. What a beautiful place! Lovely green grounds and a fantastically beautiful castle.

We enjoyed touring about and learning about the castle but I think perhaps what amused us the most was the maze we came across on the castle grounds. This was a serious maze and we all got lost in it and eventually had to follow some kid who was getting directions from a guide in the center of the maze (where your goal is to get to because it’s elevated and it’s the way out.) We decided that getting through the maze could be a great team task for one of our events (Mission Discovery or the Leadership Adventures) if only we could figure out how the heck to get it to wherever our location is 🙂

Friday we headed to Cornwallis Academy – which has an absolutely beautiful new school – to speak with the students.

Ken, Chris and myself each spoke to 2 different groups of students about space and motivation. We were once again delighted by wonderful questions from the students. It was also very neat for us to see a different kind of school design. Instead of traditional classrooms they were set up in what they call plazas where more students can be accommodated at once and teaching is done in a team fashion.


Main Corridor of the School

Friday evening we had a lovely dinner at another local school (of similar design to Cornwallis Academy) and met some great folks! It was a delightful dinner (very tasty!) with fantastic decorations compliments of 2 gentleman from a local astronomical society (both very big space fans which of course we loved about them!) We did a bit of a presentation and enjoyed more great questions and dialogue with the attendees.

Our stop in Kent was a great start to our events in the UK! Saturday we headed to London to tie up odds and ends for Mission Discovery which will run the whole week from July9-13…. More about that soon!

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