The Adventure Begins

Okay so maybe the beginning so far isn’t the most exciting but it’s an essential part of getting the major part underway! My beginning was a flight from Houston to Washington Dulles (IAD) airport where I had to connect to fly to Beijing. It was a crazy week and honestly one of the more crazy of my life EVER! We had packers and movers at our house all week, all sorts of “good bye” events since when we return from Gobi we will pretty much immediately be moving from Houston to Annapolis, and Ken’s final flight in the T-38 just a half a day before I had to leave. Needless to say by the time I got to the airport Friday (well before the birds woke up) I was worn out! That is actually kind of a nice way to be when you have lots of hours of flying! The first flight was a piece of cake – I amused myself by typing a few emails and reading a few of the many magazines I’d brought along that I hadn’t had time to read. I was a little nervous because it was an extremely tight turn for me at IAD (meaning very short time to get to my next airplane before it left.). Luckily my worries were unnecessary I got there with plenty of time. The next flight was the long one – about 14 hours… Still shorter than my trip to Australia for Mission Discovery in January. I got a bit of sleep in, read some magazines and watched lots of movies. Since I was wore out from the week just “chilling” worked out jut fine without me getting too pensive. Upon landing in Beijing I’ve had a 16 hour layover here so I got a hotel and got some proper sleep. Now I’m awake and headed back to the airport to meet up with most of the rest of the group and head to Mongolia! Ken will meet us a day late in Mongolia due to some obligations back home. I promise the rest of my blogs should be more interesting than this one but I wanted to keep you with me every step of the journey as much as I can. Again my posting will be dependent on ability to do so (in fact I had to wait til I got tothe first hotel in Mongolia to post this one because China doesn’t allow any sort of social media – Faebook is totally blocked as are other social media sites!) but I will do my best I promise! Stay tuned!!!


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