My Bags are Packed….

My Bags are Packed, I’m Ready To Go…

What can I say I have that song in my head this morning (If you haven’t figured it out yet the song is “Leaving On A Jetplane.” The movers are about to show up and start packing our house up for our big move to Annapolis. As I mentioned in my previous post, because of this I had to pack for our Transit of Venus Adventure more ahead of time than usual. So as I started this post… my bags are packed… okay well mostly packed 🙂 I am still waiting to 1 or 2 more items in there. I tried to keep it as minimal as possible though.

I think I’ve done okay with my packing… I’ve got some comfortable “convertible” hiking pants, a pair of shorts, a bunch of t-shirts (mostly NASA/mission logo ones), hiking boots, hat, sunscreen etc. Still waiting on my long sleeve sun protectant shirt but North Face claims it will be here tomorrow!

I can’t believe the adventure begins in just a few days! Can’t wait to share it with all of you!!




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