An Awesome Week with the Awesome Students from Cyfarthfa

Well I had the best of intentions of writing all about the week but time just got away from me. Instead of trying to go back and recreate specific details I’ll give you the high-level commentary and try to do better with this next group’s trip!

 The students got to see all sorts of stuff….

  • Behind the Scenes Tour of Johnson Space Center (Sorry I don’t have the pictures of this but hopefully they will post some of theirs!) which they found amazing!
  • Toured about Space Center Houston
  • Challenger Mission at Houston Museum of Natural Science (They did amazing and had a VERY successful mission); They also toured about the Museum in general
  • A fantastic talk at Rice University from Dr. David Alexander
  • Moody Gardens – they toured the Rainforest and Aquarium Pyramids and had talks about Survival in the Amazon Rainforest where they got to see some animals from there and a talk about Saving our Oceans
  • Over the week they met lots of fantastic people from NASA including
    • 6 astronauts
    • 1 space surgeon
    • 1 engineer from the exercise hardware world
    • 1 physiologist 
    • 1 former astronaut instructor and mission controller
  • Plus they went shopping and I think they bought out Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch!!

A good time was had by all (at least I think so!) And I now have lots of new friends who I do hope to see again! 

I’ll post the rest of my pictures soon to the ISSET Facebook page….

 Stay tuned for updates about next week’s group from Portsmouth….


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