Recap of First Few Days of Student Trip to Houston

Well it’s been a fun-filled action-packed couple days so while I have had the best of intentions of blogging about the ISSET student adventures here in Houston every day I just haven’t had a spare minute to do so! I’ll try and get caught up now though!


The first day they arrived it was a bit later in the day (nearly 6:15pm by the time they got to the hotel) so there wasn’t much time. The luggage arrived first via courier and then the 3 vans full of students and 3 teachers showed up. We headed to Magnolia Café & Bakery for a quick dinner and were fortunate enough to have astronaut Steve Swanson (Swani) join us. Everyone was a bit tired however so it was an early night!


The first full day started off with a trip to the San Jacinto Monument – here’s the history portion of their trip! I have to admit in 12 years of living in Houston this was my first visit there. We toured the museum portion a bit, saw the movie “Texas Forever” and then went up to the top to the Observation Deck to check out what we could see.


We headed to Bayou Wildlife Park in Alvin for the afternoon. For anyone who has not ever been there I highly recommend checking it out if you get a chance. They have tons of animals who wander the grounds so you can pet them and feed them. Plus they have a tram ride through the park of even more animals (some they can’t exactly let wander the general areas – like the rhino!) many of which are endangered. There were some folks who weren’t so sure about getting up close and personal with the wildlife but it didn’t take very long for them to get warmed up to them! To start the wildlife adventure we had a picnic with some awesomely delicious sandwiches and cookies catered by Katherine’s Creations. Apparently a few of the resident wildlife decided that they wanted to partake too! We petted some goats and pot bellied pigs after lunch and then it was off to the tram ride where we got to see sooooooooo many animals! I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed it! (I know the adults did too!!)

The weather here in Houston has been quite warm (over 80 degrees Farenheit) so the students got to enjoy some pool time, which was certainly a big hit!

Dinner was at Barcenas Mexican Restaurant (cheese and beef enchiladas – Yum!) and we were lucky enough to have a member of the latest class of astronauts join us – Kate Rubins. Several of the students had lost of questions for her, which she was more than happy to answer.

You may have notices we have a “fluffy – stuffed” traveler with us. This is Shaun and he is the Cyfartha Geography Class Mascot of sorts. Shaun travels all about and gets his picture taken all over the place. He’s rather popular J

More soon about the rest of the week’s adventures!

Check out the ISSET Facebook Page for pictures (to be posted soon!) 


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