Transit of Venus

Another really cool program type that ISSET offers (and that I am lucky enough to get to work with them on) is their Leadership Experience Program. The basic idea is you go somewhere really cool and adventurous, then each day you learn about various leadership traits and have activities to apply those traits within. Of course you also see some really amazing stuff while you are on this experience.

The next trip we have for this program is the “Transit of Venus” which combines all of the above with the chance to experience something unique that won’t happen again in our lifetime. Venus is going to pass in front of the sun and won’t happen again til 2117. You won’t be able to see it everywhere in the world and obviously weather can be an issue as well. The Gobi desert is an ideal place to see it for a variety of reasons (starting with the fact that it’s in the part of the Earth that even can see it and not just see it but the entire transit) including lack of light pollution and the fact that weather shouldn’t be an issue.

Along with us on the team will be an astronaut and an astronomer. No matter what I think it is going to be an absolutely amazing trip! Getting to see the Gobi Desert and Transit of Venus makes for a once-in-a-lifetime trip!! Perhaps you will consider joining us!!

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